The Megaliths of Carnac

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The following table is an alphabetical listing of many of the major megalithic sites in the Carnac and Locmariaquer district.<BR>
The first column gives the name of the site, Column 2 the type of megalith which is also a link to the page with description and pictures, the third column indicates whether there are engraved stones, and the last column gives the location.

Name Type/Link Engraved Location
Alignment Alignment No Carnac
Bilgroix Dolmen No Arzon
Butte de CÚzar (see Tumiac) Tumulus No Arzon
Caesar's Chair (See Chaise de César)      
Chais de César Alignments Alignment No Erdeven
Chais de César Cromlech/Circle Cromlech/Circle No Erdeven
Champ de Menhir Menhirs No Carnac
Covered Alley (See Dolmen) Dolmen Some Carnac
Gulf of Morbihan
Cromlech Cromlechs/Circles No Carnac
Gulf of Quiberon
Crucuno Dolmen Dolmen No Erdeven
Crucuno Rectangle Cromlech/Circle No Erdeven
Crucuny Cromlech/Circle Cromlech/Circle No Carnac
Crucuny Menhirs Menhirs No Carnac
Crucuny Tumulus Tumulus No Carnac
Cruz Menquen Dolmen Dolmen No Carnac
Dolmen Dolmen Some Carnac
Gulf of Morbihan
Enclosure (See Cromlech) Cromlech/Circle No Carnac
Gulf of Morbihan
Er Grah/Er Vingle Tumulus Yes Locmariaquer
Er Lannic Cromlech/Circle Cromlechs/Circles No Gulf of Morbihan
Gallery Grave (See Dolmen) Dolmen Some Carnac
La Trinité-sur-Mer
Gulf of Morbihan
Gavr'Inis Dolmen/Tumulus Dolmen
Yes Gulf of Morbihan
Le Géant Menhir Menhirs No Carnac
The Giant (See Le Géant)      
Grah Niaul Dolmen Dolmen Yes Arzon
Le Grand Menhir Brisé Menhir Yes Locmariaquer
Île-aux-Moines Cromlech Cromlech/Circle No Gulf of Morbihan
Île-aux-Moines Dolmen
See also Penhap
Dolmen Yes Gulf of Morbihan
Île Longue Dolmen Dolmen Yes Gulf of Morbihan
Kercado Cromlech Cromlech/Circle No Carnac
Kercado Dolmen/Tumulus Dolmen
Yes Carnac
Kercado Menhir Menhir No Carnac
Kercadoret Dolmen Dolmen No Locmariaquer
Kerderff Menhirs Menhir No Carnac
Kerdro Vihan Dolmen Dolmen No La Trinité-sur-Mer
Kergavat Dolmen Dolmen No Plouharnel
Keriaval Alignment Alignments No Plouharnel
Keriaval Dolmen Dolmen No Plouharnel
Kerlescan Alignments Alignments No Carnac
Kerlescan Cromlechs/
Stone Circles
Cromlech/Circle No Carnac
Kerlescan Dolmen Dolmen No Carnac
Kerlud Dolmen Dolmen No Locmariaquer
Kerluir Dolmen Dolmen No Carnac
Kerluir Menhir Menhir No Carnac
Kermario Alignments Alignments No Carnac
Kermario Cromlech Cromlech/Circle No Carnac
Kermario Dolmen Dolmen No Carnac
Kermaillard Menhir Menhir Yes Arzon
Kermarquer Dolmen Dolmen No La Trinité-sur-Mer
Kerroch Dolmen Dolmen No Plouharnel
Kerveresse Dolmen Dolmen Yes Locmariaquer
Kervilor Dolmen Dolmen No La Trinité-sur-Mer
Kerzerho Alignments Alignments No Erdeven
Kerzerho Cromlech/Circle Cromlech/Circle No Erdeven
Kirfol Menhir Menhir No Carnac
Luffang Dolmen Dolmen Yes Crac'h
La Madelaine Dolmen Dolmen No Carnac
Mané Braz Dolmen Dolmen No Erdeven
Mané Brizil Dolmen Dolmen No Carnac
Mané er Hroueg Tumulus Tumulus Yes Locmariaquer
Mané Groh or Croc'h Dolmen Dolmen No Erdeven
Mané Kerioned Dolmen Dolmen Yes Plouharnel
Mané Lud Dolmen Dolmen Yes Locmariaquer
Mané Roulllarde Dolmen Dolmen No La Trinité-sur-Mer
Mané Rutual Dolmen Dolmen Yes Locmariaquer
Le Manio Dolmen Dolmen No Carnac
Le Manio Menhir Menhir Yes Carnac
Marchand's Table Dolmen/Tumulus Dolmen
Yes Locmariaquer
Le Ménec Alignments Alignments No Carnac
Le Ménec Cromlechs/Circles Cromlech/Circle No Carnac
Le Ménec Menhir Menhir No Carnac
Menhirs Menhirs Some Arzon
Merchant's Table (See Marchand's Table)      
Le Moustoir Dolmen/Tumulus Dolmen
Yes Carnac
Le Moustoir Menhirs Menhir No Carnac
NautÚrio Dolmen Dolmen No Carnac
Le Net Dolmen Dolmen No Arzon
Parc Er Gueren Dolman Dolmen No Crac'h
Penhap Dolmen Dolmen Yes Gulf of Morbihan
Le Petit Ménec Alignments Alignments No Carnac
Le Petit Mont Dolmen/Tumulus Tumulus
Yes Arzon
Les Pièrres Plates Dolmen Dolmen Yes Locmaniaquer
Quadrilateral Cromlech Cromlech/Circle No Carnac
Quiberon Menhirs No Quiberon
Le Rocher Dolmen/Tumulus Tumulus
Yes Le Bono
Roc'h Feutet or Rohfeutet Dolmen No Carnac
Rondossec Dolmen Dolmen Yes Plouharnel
Rosnual Dolmen Dolmen No Carnac
Runesto Dolmen Dolmen Yes Plouharnel
Ste. Barbe Alignments Alignments No Plouharnel
St. Michel Tumulus Tumulus No Carnac
St. Pièrre de Quiberon Alignment Alignment No Quiberon
St. Pièrre de Quiberon Cromlech/Circle Cromlech/Circle No Quiberon
Table de Marchand (See Marchand's Table)      
Toulvern Dolmen Dolmen No Baden
Toulvern Tumulus Tumulus No Baden
Tumiac Tumulus No Arzon
Tumuli Tumuli Some Carnac
Le Vieux Moulin Alignment Alignment No Plouharnel
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